Immerse yourself in Rumi’s teachings on the spiritual process


  • Overview

    Kabir Helminski has selected some of Rumi’s most beautiful and inspiring words to present an overview of the spiritual journey: from mindfulness and presence, to heartfulness, to intimacy with the Divine.

  • Format

    Three pre-recorded webinars with Kabir, each approximately two hours long, accompanied by a complete transcript, and a document containing the poetry selections. This is a self-study course so you can go at your own pace, and reflect on each session as long as you wish.

  • Interaction

    Each session has a discussion area where participants can engage with each other and share their experience. You will also have the opportunity to connect in quarterly live Zoom calls with Kabir to discuss your progress and ask any questions.

Course Details

Using insights from Rumi’s poetry, the wider Sufi tradition, and his own life experience, Kabir explores the following themes and much more...

  • Part 1: Presence

    How can we come into a state of presence? How does this expand our self-awareness and capacity for relationship to others and to the Divine? What is the importance of spiritual companionship and recognising our own need for, and dependence on, the Divine?

  • Part 2: Heartfulness

    What do we mean by the heart? How do we awaken it, and what is the nature of its qualitative mode of knowing and experiencing the universe? What is the importance of yearning, passion, and commitment on the spiritual path, and what is it that makes us fully human as we enter the age of artificial intelligence?

  • Part 3: Intimacy

    What part do supplication, glorification, and remembrance play in cultivating intimacy with the Divine? What is the Sufi understanding of the "I," and how is a healthy, functioning ego retained even after an experience of dissolving into Divine union?

Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Rumi invites us to the joy of being in relationship with the ultimate Beloved, the Source of our being – a relationship that can be profoundly transformative if we welcome it. In the Islamic world he has been held in the highest esteem not only as a poet but as a saint whose personal example inspired the founding of the Mevlevi Order, and as a mystic whose elaboration of this cosmic sense of Love has had a significant cultural impact. Rumi's influence has been felt by Chaucer, Goethe, and Emerson, to name a few, and via translation he is now one of the most widely read poets in the English language. He lived in the thirteenth century and spent most of his life in Konya, a city in modern-day Turkey. His resting place is visited every year by thousands of people from all around the world, from all backgrounds and traditions.

Kabir Helminski

Kabir is the co-director of The Threshold Society, a non-profit educational foundation rooted within the traditions of Sufism and inspired by the life and work of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi. He is an author, a translator of the works of Rumi and others, and a shaikh of the Mevlevi Order which traces back to Rumi. His books on spirituality, Living Presence and The Knowing Heart, have been published in at least twelve languages. His most recent books are In the House of Remembering and Holistic Islam. Kabir is especially interested in finding a contemporary, creative approach to Sufism without compromising the authenticity of tradition. He has toured as shaikh with the Whirling Dervishes of Turkey bringing Sufi culture to more than 100,000 people. He speaks widely on Sufism, often in an inter-spiritual context, and teaches globally through retreats and online conferences.
  • Divine Breathings

    The Prophet said, “In these days
    the breathings of God prevail:
    keep ear and mind attentive
    to these spiritual influences;
    catch these breathings.”
    The Divine breathing came,
    beheld you, and departed:
    it gave life to whom it would, and left.
    Another breathing has arrived.
    Pay attention, friend,
    don’t miss this one, too.

    [Rumi, Mathnawi I: 1951-53, translated by Helminski]

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    As long as you want! The modules are pre-recorded and you can work at your own pace. You have unlimited access to the material on this platform.

  • When will the live Zoom calls be held?

    Kabir will be offering live Zoom calls approximately every quarter to connect with you and answer any queries or questions you have about the course and your progress. We will email participants with upcoming dates in advance.

  • Do I need prior knowledge of Rumi or Sufism to do this course?

    You do not need any particular knowledge to participate in, and benefit from, this course. Just an interest in Rumi and the spiritual path, along with an open heart!

  • Do I need to have a PayPal account to pay for this course?

    No. While we use the PayPal platform to take payments, you do not need to have a PayPal account. Once you click through to checkout, apply coupon codes (if relevant) and select the 'Pay with PayPal' button: you will then be given an option to pay using a credit/debit card instead of using a PayPal account.

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